Emilio Vedova
Tumulto, 1960

The fight for me is physiological. It is a way of reference, all understanding. Clashes – to better feel how much life, how much death. It is precisely for the opposites, in constant comparison, that I am most able to center my work of expression.

Tumulto belongs to a series of large canvases painted by Emilio Vedova in 1960, in which the strength of the gesture and the intensity of the colors are the distinctive features of a painting that is the object of international criticism. Stylistically it recalls the works presented in the personal room at the XXX Venice Biennale of the same year.

Tumulto, 1960
waterpaint, pastels and sand on canvas
145,2 x 194,4 cm

In a "clash of situations"... I will start with this topic, which for me, before being considered an artistic political fact, is simply a human fact. Of men about whom certain liberties and certain non-liberties, certain closures and certain thaws, always touch consequential extremes. Of the so-called "de-Stalinization in art" - which began in Poland in 1956 - from time to time there are symptoms also in other Eastern countries. Not yet in Russia, as far as we saw at the Biennials.

Vedova with Philip Guston, Caffè Florian Venice, 1960 in the days of the inauguration of the XXX Art Biennale.