Conrad Marca-Relli
an hommage to the warrior woman
in the ancient Japan

Conrad Marca-Relli
The Woman of Samura, 1958
oil, chalk and canvas collage on canvas
162,5 x 152 cm | 64 x 60 in.

A detail of The Woman of Samura by Marca-Relli.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Tomoe Gozen, ca. 1875, woodcut.

Gutai 8 (September 29, 1957). Cover reproducing a detail of an unidentified work by Lucio Fontana. Special issue edited by the French critic Michel Tapié and the Japanese artist Jirō Yoshihara titled L’aventure informelle.

Gutai 9 (April 12, 1958). Cover reproducing a detail of unidentified work by Jirō Yoshihara, ca. 1958. Special issue edited by Michel Tapié and Yoshihara that served as the catalogue for the exhibition International Art of a New Era: Informel and Gutai.