Carla Accardi
Integrazione rosso nero, 1958-1960

It was a desire to confront myself with color, as the truth of painting; all the black and white had been a radicalization; I wanted to find a color that was as radical as black and white.

Integrazione rosso nero, 1958-60
casein on canvas
129,8 x 195,5 cm

I can't stand the repetition of figures that don't hold tension, while I love repetition as recovery.

Carla Accardi at the XXXII Venice Biennale, 1964 with Gastone Novelli, Robert Rauschenberg, Michele Cascella and Giuseppe Santomaso

Brochure of the exhibitionAccardi 1955-1964, organized at the Galerie Stadler
in Parigi, from 16 March to 17 April1965.

Carla Accardi, Giulio Paolini and Luciano Fabbro photographed by Anna Piva mimicking their respective works in 1965.