Italics Arts & Landscape

ITALICS promotes the culture and beauty spread throughout the Italian territory, through the collaboration between gallery owners and the sharing of their experiences with an international audience of collectors and enthusiasts.

ITALICS brings together over sixty of the most authoritative Italian galleries of contemporary, modern and ancient art.

ITALICS Art and Landscape is an editorial platform that tells the Italian territory and its excellence through the voice of those who have placed (of those who have elected art as the cornerstone) art at the center of their business: the gallery owners. The project was born in the spring of 2020 from an idea of ​​Lorenzo Fiaschi (Galleria Continua), President of ITALICS and Pepi Marchetti Franchi (Gagosian), Vice President of

ITALICS, together with the promoters Alfonso Artiaco, Ludovica Barbieri (Massimo De Carlo), Massimo Di Carlo (Galleria dello Scudo), Francesca Kaufmann (kaufmann repetto), Massimo Minini, Franco Noero and Carlo Orsi.

ITALICS Art and Landscape is supported and supported by a system, selected by the gallery owners themselves, of Made in Italy realities, business activities and other cultural actors, which contribute to proposing new and less known aspects of the Italian lifestyle and taste, admired in the world.

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